Available Work Shifts
Below are the work shifts available at our upcoming sale.
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Available Work Shifts.
Shift DateStart TimeEnd TimeStatusAdditional Info
Wednesday, March 29, 20176:00 PM9:15 PMOPEN 
Thursday, March 30, 20178:05 AM11:20 AMOPENChild care available; must email tmoro@fbconcord.org for reservations
Thursday, March 30, 20179:45 AM1:00 PMOPEN 
Thursday, March 30, 201711:10 AM2:25 PMOPEN 
Thursday, March 30, 20176:15 PM9:30 PMOPENMust work this shift plus another shift in order to shop from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Friday, March 31, 20178:45 AM12:00 PMOPENChild care is available; must email tmoro@fbconcord.org for reservations
Friday, March 31, 20179:45 AM1:00 PMOPEN 
Friday, March 31, 201711:45 AM3:00 PMOPEN 
Friday, March 31, 20172:00 PM5:15 PMOPEN 
Saturday, April 01, 20177:45 AM11:00 AMOPEN 
Saturday, April 01, 20179:45 AM1:00 PMOPEN 
Saturday, April 01, 201710:45 AM2:00 PMOPEN 
Saturday, April 01, 20171:00 PM4:15 PMOPENThis shift is over when the sorting is done so with enough people; it could be a really short shift.

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