Available Work Shifts
Below are the work shifts available at our upcoming sale.
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Available Work Shifts.
Shift DateStart TimeEnd TimeStatusAdditional Info
Thursday, August 08, 20191:00 PM3:00 PMFULLPaula's house-load equipment
Thursday, August 08, 20195:00 PM7:00 PMFULLunload equipment, preliminary setup
Thursday, August 08, 20197:00 PM11:00 PMOPENset up, intake
Friday, August 09, 20198:00 AM12:00 PMOPENintake, set up
Friday, August 09, 201912:00 PM4:00 PMFULLintake, final set up
Friday, August 09, 20194:00 PM8:00 PMOPENpresale, opening public sale
Friday, August 09, 20196:00 PM10:00 PMOPENpublic sale, set up for Sat
Saturday, August 10, 20198:00 AM12:00 PMOPENopening hours--hopefully busy!
Saturday, August 10, 201912:00 PM4:00 PMOPENpublic sale-busy!
Saturday, August 10, 20193:00 PM7:00 PMOPENend of full price day, set up for Sun
Sunday, August 11, 20199:00 AM1:00 PMOPENdiscount day! hopefully busy!!
Sunday, August 11, 201912:30 PM4:30 PMOPENsale ends, sorting and prep for pick up
Sunday, August 11, 20192:30 PM6:30 PMOPEN2 men; load truck (2 runs)
Sunday, August 11, 20193:30 PM7:30 PMOPENfinal sorting help w/checkout--key job!

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