Available Work Shifts
Below are the work shifts available at our upcoming sale.
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Available Work Shifts.
Shift DateStart TimeEnd TimeStatusAdditional Info
Monday, August 14, 20171:00 PM3:30 PMOPENPaula's house-- load 26' truck
Tuesday, August 15, 20177:00 AM10:00 AMOPENset up sales floor, unload equipment from truck
Tuesday, August 15, 20179:00 AM1:00 PMOPENset up, intake
Tuesday, August 15, 201712:00 PM4:00 PMFULLintake--you can work any hours during this time frame
Tuesday, August 15, 20174:00 PM8:00 PMOPENintake/set up you can work any hours during this time frame
Tuesday, August 15, 20177:00 PM12:00 AMOPENintake and set up-- work any hours during this time frame
Wednesday, August 16, 20178:00 AM12:00 PMOPENintake for Wed AM workers
Wednesday, August 16, 201712:00 PM4:00 PMOPENend of intake, final set up, beginning of shopping
Wednesday, August 16, 20174:00 PM8:00 PMOPENconsignor and presale shopping
Wednesday, August 16, 20176:00 PM10:00 PMOPENpresale shopping and final set up for opening day
Thursday, August 17, 20178:00 AM12:00 PMFULLhand out tickets, greeter/PR
Thursday, August 17, 20179:30 AM1:30 PMOPENOPENING HOURS!! Cashier, PR/ floor security
Thursday, August 17, 20171:30 PM4:30 PMOPENopening day, cashier, PR/security, sort and straighten
Thursday, August 17, 20174:00 PM10:00 PMOPENany 4+ hours; cashier, set up for Friday
Friday, August 18, 20179:00 AM1:00 PMOPENcashier, security, PR
Friday, August 18, 20171:00 PM5:00 PMOPENcashier, security/PR
Friday, August 18, 20175:00 PM9:00 PMOPENsales, security, set up for Saturday
Saturday, August 19, 20178:00 AM12:00 PMOPENcashier, security, PR
Saturday, August 19, 201712:00 PM5:00 PMOPENpost-sale sorting and "tear down"
Saturday, August 19, 20172:00 PM6:00 PMOPENload truck; two runs to offload into storage

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